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        1. Real Estate

          With more than 20 years of experience in sales and negotiation, Mark Woehrle of RE/MAX Esrpment Realty Inc., Brokerage is your best choice when buying & selling your real estate.


          What should you do when a loved one passes? Our experienced and compassionate appraisers will help guide andprovide you with the answers you need when it comes to estate valuation.


          Divorce is never easy. We are here to provide you withan impartial, unbiased opinion of the value of your marital property to help make this major life change more manageable.


          Most insurance companies require an insurance appraisal when obtaining a rider on a homeowner's policy or when insuring older, classic or antique vehicles.

          Who We Are

          CPPA Accredited Appraisers

          • Licensed
          • Insured
          • BBB Accredited


          What We Do

          We n appraise your:

          • rs & Trucks
          • Motorcycles & RVs
          • Equipment & Machinery
          • Household Goods
          • Furniture
          • Art & Collectibles
          • General Goods
          • Business Items
          • Personal Items & More...

          What we n appraise for

          We n appraise your property for:

          • OSAP
          • MTO Sales Tax
          • Insurance
          • Bankruptcy
          • Divorce
          • Bank Loans
          • Legal Issues
          • Estates
          • Executor Disputes
          • Arbitrators